в двух деймах,шести картинах(с)
Нам задали на завтра (в 2010 году)написать творческим заданием письмо подруге. Тема была сформулированна как "ви вперше в лондоні..загубилися....!".

В общем.. мой извращённый мозг сразу же вдохновился.

25, Pineapple Street,1
United Kingdom
30 June 2013

Dear Nastya,
How are you? I hope you`re well and that you`re looking forward to your holiday. What are your plans for July?

As I mentioned earlier I finally went to Great Britain for my holiday tour. So about a week ago I arrived in London. What I hadn`t taken into account when I was planning my trip were English streets which are never straight and every time the street bends it`s given a new name(нагло стыренная фраза об улцах из Exam Excellence). So I got lost just after leaving the underground.Fortunately I met Matthew so he helped me out of the trouble. Of course he was surprised at meeting me there but he was also really happy to see me again. He took me round the city showing the most interesting sights - Trafalgar, National Gallery, Tower! Then we had a wonderful meal in his favourite Italian restaurant. I must admit the food there being really delicious!We had a nice chat in this restaurant with some Russians which also came to London for the first time in their life.
At the moment I`m staying with Matthew and DominicА(а тут пришлось,чтобы это действительно не выглядело, как британский сутенёр и бедная киевская студентка отплачивающая проживание натурой..прибавить А к Доминик....))) on their farm. It was kind of them to propose me a room for those several weeks I am in Britain. They have a car so Matthew also promised to show me some sights around the London area.
Anyway, Matthew and DominicA invited me to come to their home for next winter holidays. And I invited Matthew and DominicA to stay with me when they are in Ukraine. They promised to come the next summer, so you will get to know them the next year! They are really nice people and I hope you`ll like them.
That`s all I think. I`ll write to you again ina month or so.
Take care,

Ну вот и вся душещипательная история заблудшей овцы..)